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Aging and Anti-Aging Trend

In the past, it was believed that aging was an irreversible natural phenomenon.

The human body is depleted spontaneously over time, with buildups of antioxidants, metabolic wastes and natural damages.
Cataracts, joint degeneration, loosen skin are all natural phenomena of aging.
However, with better understanding of the aging mechanism,
Other than sufficient sleep, balanced diet and adequate exercise,
Before becoming sick, when we are under a so-called “suboptimal health” status,
We can utilized the anti-aging technology to bring the body back to its youthful condition,
Including stem cells and growth factors, hyperbaric chamber and hemodialysis and etc.,
All of these can help eradicate physical fatigue and bring us back to our healthy state.
* Stem Cells:
Stem cells have the potential to differentiate into different cell types. They are capable of tissue repair, regeneration and differentiation, and self-renewal. Stem cells can self-multiply into cells with identical capability and characteristics. In response to our physical demands, different stem cells can also differentiate into different cell types in the same physiological system. They can even repair internal organ tissues within a short period of time to restore the physiological function.
* Cell Repair and Renewal:
Our body can self repair, with cells being the key to body repair. They are also the source of self-healing. Cells in the body renew periodically to repair injuries and maintain physical health. However, as we grow older, there is a less amount of cells in our body left for repair. Their ability to repair and quantity are also reduced compared to our younger selves.
* Cell Therapy:
Currently, several medical and clinical reports have shown that stem cells, NK cells and T cells are capable of executing their designated tasks demonstrating positive effects for maintaining human health. [1] “Cell therapies” have become a global trend in modern medicine.
* Cryopreservation of Cells:
Dr. Dominique Charro of Institut Universitaire d'Hématologie proposed in 2007 the concept of early storage of healthy immune cells. If the healthy cells can be collected and frozen in advance before developing any illness or receiving chemotherapies, they will be the best option for future medical events.

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